Sea and Nature like a original Paradise

Island of Salina Salina, amongst the Aeolian islands, is the farmers' island, the green island.
Salina is not mundane and needs to be discovered slowly. Like all volcanic islands, Salina is strong and rude, but it's rich vegetation softens it out. During spring, the two twin volcano, that in the past gave the name to the island, are a feast of colours and perfumes. In order to protect this rich nature of the island, a natural reserve has been created. Different paths bring to the top, from where the view includes all other Aeolian islands and the coasts of Sicily and Calabria.
To sea lovers, Salina offers a crystal clear sea rich of fish, with temperatures that allow to swim from May till October. Beaches of pebbles worn out by the sea or walls of rock worked by the wind can be found around the island. The beach "Lo Scario", just below the peak where the Hotel is located, can be reached in a few minutes through a pedestrian path that starts from the Hotel itself. The bay of Pollara, created after the collapse of a crater, is a natural amphitheatre that opens up towards the islands of Filicudi and Alicudi and is coloured in red during sunset.

Perfect holiday in Salina

You can organize, on request, fantastic excursions to the other Aeolian Islands, hiking in the Salina paths, diving and many other activities. We will be happy to give you all the information to allow you to live a holiday that, to relax and comfort, adds exciting experiences. Discover Salina, the greenest of the Aeolian Islands is waiting for you !