Explore Salina on foot or by bike to enjoy the wonderful flora and fauna and the mountainous profile of the island, and to admire amazing views on the Aeolian archipelago.


Runners can choose from a variety of routes to discover the beautiful panorama in the Natural Reserve of “Monte Fossa delle Felci e Monte dei Porri”. It is an area of almost 2700 acres, where you can trek, birdwatch and take naturalistic photos.


Salina is a great area for bicycle enthusiasts. Enjoy an excursion that combines secret cosy corners and the endless sea and the great panorama from the summit of Monte Fossa delle Felci, the highest in the Aeolian islands with 964m on sea level. In the clearest day you can see Etna and the Sicilian and Calabrian coasts.


Embark on a nature walk through the mountain to reach the picturesque ancient olive trees, the rich Mediterranean fauna, the vineyards where Malvasia is produced and the chestnut trees wood on the top of this beautiful place.